MacMurchie Bagpipe Makers

Makers of quality handcrafted bagpipes and chanters.

Specialists in bagpipe repair and refurbishment & replacement of your bagpipe parts.

Are your bagpipes looking old and tired?

MacMurchie Bagpipes Makers are bagpipe repair specialists and unrivalled when it comes to repair and refurbishment of bagpipes.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience which allow us to repair and refurbish your bagpipe to a very high standard.

Need a replacement part?………. We will make a like for like replacement so your bagpipe looks and sounds original.

We can also give your bagpipe an MOT to ensure that your bagpipe is performing to the high standard you expect.

From a basic MOT to the full restoration of your bagpipe we can do it all.

We also know that parts break at the wrong time, and that is why we also specialise in emergency repair work to ensure that you bagpipe is up running when you need it most.

Looking to upgrade? We can also supply and fit Nickel, Silver or re-mount your bagpipe to suit your individual requirements.

if you have any questions contact us as we are always happy to help.

Repair and Refurbishment

From a basic clean up to full restoration of your instrument

we handcraft each piece to ensure a high quality is maintained.



  • Old varnish removed from the wood and stained and hand polished
  • Silver slides and ferrules were re-glued and polished
  • Original Bass mid section re-pinned with full length tuning pin
  • Bores reamed to ensure all parallel. No dropping or jamming when tuning
  • Internal bores cleaned and parts hemped to ensure smooth fitment and tuning
  • Bag re-tied

Repairs & Replacement Parts

  • General Refurbishment
  • Imitation Ivory Ferrule Replacement
  • Imitation Ivory Mount Replacement
  • Imitation Ivory Cap Replacement
  • Imitation Ivory Drone Bush Replacement
  • Pipe Chanter Sole Fitted (Owners)
  • Nickel Ferrule Replacement
  • Tuning Pin Replacement
  • Blowstick Replacement (Owners Mount)
  • Chanter or Blowstick Stock (Owners Mount)
  • Bass or Tenor Stock (Owners Mount)
  • Tenor Bottom Section (Owners Mount)
  • Bass Bottom Section (Owners Mount)
  • Bass Middle Section (Owners Mount)
  • Tenor Top (Owners Mount)
  • Bass Top (Owners Mount)
  • Set Of Stocks in Blackwood (Can be matched to your original stocks)
  • Set Of Stocks in Plastic (Can be matched to your original stocks)
  • Practice Chanter Top in Plastic or African Blackwood
  • Practice Chanter Sole
  • Practice Chanter Ferrule
  • Imitation Ivory Pipe Chanter Sole