Bagpipe Models

Bagpipe model DM1

African Blackwood fully mounted Imititation Ivory, antique style, plain turned. Plastic Pipe Chanter.

Bagpipe Model DM2

African Blackwood. Wood Projecting mounts. Nickel ferrules. Fully combed and beaded. Plastic Pipe Chanter

Bagpipe model DM3

African Blackwood fully mounted Imititation Ivory, army regulation pattern projection mounts.
Bagpipe Model DM3b (button mounts)

As DM3 but with button mounts as pipes were in the 1800s, Plastic Pipe Chanter
Bagpipe Model DM4
As DM3 with nickel slides

Bagpipe Models

Bagpipe model DM7a
(Half Mounted Sterling Silver)

Half mounted Imitation Ivory and hand engraved Sterling Silver. Personalised Silver shield. Engraved Silver chanter sole ferrule. African Blackwood Pipe Chanter.

Bagpipe Model DM7b

As DM7a with half mounted Imitation Ivory and Silver plated mounts. Engraved Silver plated chanter sole - Ferrule on Blackwood Chanter
Bagpipe model DM7c

Half mounted in Imitation Horn and engraved Brass mounts. Engraved Brass chanter ferrule on Plastic Pipe Chanter.
Brass mount of DM7c